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Our Team

Our team is made up of a group of young and dynamic Italian entrepreneurs who are eager to bring their passion for authentic and genuine Italian food to the U.S. market in a new and innovative way. The team includes of Italian food lovers, all from Northern Italy. Together, they seek to bring the flavors of their home to lovers of Italian food and culture. Combining Roberto’s love of artisan products and commercial interior design, with Cristina’s appreciation for healthy life-style and accounting, Paolo’s discerning pallet for all things gourmet and management skills, the Italian team is eager to bring authentic Italian cooking and ingredients to the American palate.

With Us, Authenticity is Guaranteed!

Our Marketplace

Bringing authentic Italian food to our clients

In a burgeoning food market that offers a multitude of inauthentic “Italian” food choices, we seek to bring you only genuine, authentic, and 100% Italian products. Our goal is to let our customers experience the real Italian cuisine. Our products are imported exclusively for Healthy Italia, and you will not find them in any other retail establishment in the United States. The high quality of our products is carefully verified and approved by our Italian team.


While most Americans think of Italian food to be heavy and unhealthy, the truth is that in Italy the obesity rate is 1/3 of the United States and the rates of diabetes and heart disease are also much lower, which proves that Italian food is healthy if eaten the way Italians do.

At Healthy Italia, we believe there are 3 main reasons why Italians have a lower rate of these lifestyle diseases:

  1. The quality of the ingredients
  2. The serving quantity
  3. The level of stress

While cannot control the quantity of food that people eat or the level of stress in their lives, we can help them with the quality of the ingredients, providing our customers with only the best Italy has to offer. Stop by and see how delicious healthy can taste!

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