La Cucina Italiana: Sana, Fresca e Genuina


Everyone knows  Italian food is ‘’delizioso’’, but did you know that it is also one of the healthiest traditional cuisines in the world?

In fact, ‘’La Cucina Italiana’’ combines the health benefit of the Mediterranean diet with a wide choice of fresh and seasonal ingredients and regional flavors.

Many studies have found that a Mediterranean diet has many health benefits, from reducing the risk of cancer and heart disease, to living a healthier and longer life.

People may wonder why a diet based on pasta and pizza is considered healthy but the answer is that Italians do not eat these dishes in the same proportions as Americans. It’s all about portion sizing! Piccole porzioni!

Italians simply balance the quality and quantity of food. Fresh, genuine and unprocessed ingredients are the secret to making a tasty and healthy dish!

They balance their diet and they vary it — not too much fat, more white than red meat, lots of fruit and vegetables as well as fish, and just enough carbohydrates. Avoiding cream, fried food, using more extra virgin olive oil than butter, emphasizing the flavor with fresh herbs, these are just some of the habits Italians have, as well as enjoying homemade meals, cooking at home and avoiding junk food are some of the reasons why Italians stay fit.

Another important secret of the Italian cuisine is the social aspect. Eating is not just something that we have to do but it’s a pleasure; it’s a way to share food between family and friends.

Italians know how to really enjoy the experience of eating, ‘’la buona cucina.’’ They socialize and relax around ‘’la tavola’’ and they try to be active after eating, in fact, they usually engage in a nice stroll through town, called ‘’passeggiata.’’

Sharing these happy moments together make life more enjoyable and healthy.

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