The Tradition Behind Colomba di Pasqua


In Italy, there is nothing more welcoming as a sign of spring than the colomba di Pasqua, the traditional sweet cake of Easter. 

The dove-shaped cake is the Easter version of the Christmas panettone.  Light, moist and filled with candied fruit, the colomba is topped with almonds and can be enjoyed on its own or slightly warmed with honey, cream or a favorite spread.

Most accounts of the Colomba place its origin in Milano, when a baker and businessman commercialized the cake, although many other colorful and dramatic stories describe the cake’s creation coming from legendary battles.

Nonetheless, an authentic colomba from Italy is like no other. At Healthy Italy, our shipment of colomba di Pasqua will arrive from Milano in time to be enjoyed during Holy week. Samples of the traditional colomba, as well as a pear and chocolate version, have arrived for our customers to try and then place their order. Don’t miss out on having the traditional Italian sweet bread on your Easter table.

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