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Ingredients: Balsamic vinegar, pectin.

Weight: gr.110 – 3.88 oz.

A jelly, which at first seems almost sweet taste and then melts slowly in your mouth gives off the smell of the best aged balsamic vinegar, the classic soursweet.
It is particularly suited to be combined with aged cheeses and goes well with Parmesan cheese.

Also enhances the flavor of very fresh cheeses like cottage cheese because of its delicate flavor.
In addition to this delicius combination it is suitable to accompany ice cream, yogurt or fruit salads.


Antichi Sapori di Casa is a farm located in Piedmont region a particular agricultural area
Antichi Sapori di Casa farm operates and crafts the fruit and vegetables transformation, without adding any chemicals, carefully selecting fruits and vegetables thereby resulting in jams, canned fruit, sauces and tasty traditional specialties .
Antichi Sapori di Casa healthier fruits and vegetables, whole fresh and processed within few hours of harvest, are the basis of its work and products.

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Balsamic Vinegar Jelly - ASDC
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