DOP Balsamic Vinegar Of Modena Affinato

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Aged 12 years – 1:34 density Kg/Lt 

Ingredients: cooked grape must, wine vinegar.

Weight: 100 ml. – 3.40 Fl. oz.

 La Vecchia Modena

First of all is the love for the land. Cultivated with passion and dedication. There are hectares of Lambrusco and Trebbiano grape vines around the company. There are artfully cultivated fields. La Vecchia Modena is an agricultural society before being vinegar factory.
For generations we devote our attention to the ancient custom of producing balsamic vinegar from Modena, that focus attention in choosing and cooking the must, in selected barrels, in the most suitable places to aging and in the right processing times.
The family tradition traces the origin path of secular barrels in which matures the Balsamic Vinegar IGP and DOP.


It is aged for “At least” 12 years in small barrels of various woods.

Suitable for use in sophisticated kitchen, for seasoning the classic meat dishes like grilled scallops tartare or boiled beef, chicken, tongue.

Used on both raw and cooked vegetables that gives a special feeling of bittersweet, characteristic of this secular dressing. It should be used raw.

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DOP Balsamic Vinegar Of Modena Affinato
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