Extra Virgin Olive Oil Garda

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Ingredients: 100% Extra virgin olive oil.

Weight: 500 ml. – 16.90 Fl. oz.

Oil characteristics: with a warm and bright golden color enhanced by pale green overtones, this oil has a keen scent and pleasantly persistent. Its taste is elegant and pleasantly sweet.

Use: with salads, grilled fish and marinated tuna.

THE TEMPERANCE card reminds us that moderation and restraint help us to bring everything back into equilibrium. The olive oil that bears this name is a bright golden yellow tending towards green, with a complex and surprising aroma. On the nose, it offers rich floral notes and a pleasing fruitiness, with hints of banana and white fruits, vanilla and a dash of sage, mint and basil. This olive oil has a full, refined flavour, offering traces of dried fruit and celery, whilst providing a balance between pungency and bitterness.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Garda
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