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Dina Deleasa-Gonsar

Dina Cooking

Dina Deleasa-Gonsar is the creator, writer, and television personality behind the popular food blog Dina shares her family traditions and recipes, along with her modern twists on food and entertaining with her readers. She is known for bringing her recipes to life with her relatable kitchen stories and honest quick wit.

You may remember first seeing her appear alongside her family on the E! Networks show “Married to Jonas.” More recently, she became part of the Hallmark Channel’s, Home and Family show by being named their Best Home Cook.

She hopes to continue to inspire home cooks to venture out and create meals that become the centerpieces for family time and traditions, whether it’s a 4-course meal or simply breakfast for dinner! You can catch her putting on some heels and hitting up a 5-star restaurant then chasing down a food truck.

Join her as she tries to land somewhere between Martha Stewart and her mom in her home cooking adventures.

If you can dish it, you best believe she can eat it!

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