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Are you a restaurant?

No, we are not a restaurant however we offer a private fine dining experience for both lunch and dinner.

These can be booked as a private event with our event coordinator.

Do you have a have a printed cooking school schedule?

In an effort to stay environmentally friendly we have all of our classes listed online.

How do I schedule a class?

Our classes can be booked through our website,, you will be able to browse through our calendar of classes and select the one that best suits you.

Are your class prices per person?

Yes, unless otherwise stated our class prices are per person.

Can we bring alcohol?

Yes, we are a BYOB so you can bring wine or beer ONLY. No hard liquor.

We are unable to serve the alcohol to you but we are happy to provide you with bottle openers and wine keys.

What's The Difference Between A Cooking Class And A Private Event?

A cooking class is open to anyone who wants to join; we run cooking classes throughout the week, we choose the date, time, and menu; Private parties are closed to the public: a single group attends, and the party organizer chooses the date, time, and menu.

Do you mail a physical gift card? Can I print a certificate from the website?

We will mail you a physical gift card unless you make note in the comments that you will pick up the card from the store.

Unfortunately at this time you can not print gift cards from the website.

What is your cancellation policy?

Due to limited class space and the upfront costs of food and preparation time, our cooking classes are non-refundable. Healthy Italia has the right to reschedule or cancel any class. In this event, we will contact you directly to offer the option of a full refund or transferring your registration to the same class if it is rescheduled or a similar class.

Can I Come Alone? Or Does Everyone Come As Part Of A Couple?

Some people come alone, others with friends, boyfriends or girlfriends, family, or spouses. We always have a great mix of people in the kitchen.

Are your classes truly HANDS ON?

If you booked a cooking class that states next to the meal, “HANDS ON”, yes, you will be preparing the meal. Most of our classes are completely hands, especially our workshops.

Our classes that are demo only or our free tastings are not hands on.

Do we get a copy of the recipe?

As you will learn in class, we mostly cook by eye. However, you are welcome to take a photo of our “recipe” from our cookbook that includes the ingredients of the meals we prepare.

We do not email recipes.

Do you provide catering?

Yes, we are happy to take a catering order up to 48 hours in advance

We also provide on – site catering/private chef where our staff will come to you and help you execute the perfect party.

Do you offer kids classes?

Yes, We do offer kids classes as well as kids birthday parties.

We also offer kids camp during the summer season.

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