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Madison, NJ
Wed, Nov 30, 2022
Part time

Part time Position: 20-hours/week

Working Hours: Monday to Friday 2:00 to 6:00pm and sometimes weekends

Job Responsibilities:

The assistant business manager takes orders from our business manager and report to her about the daily functions taken in the company. His/her responsibilities are to ensure smooth operation of the day-to-day management and expedite ongoing projects and those in pipelines by establishing and providing necessary requirements. Some of the responsibilities handled daily are:

  • Planning and developing business models that are fit for the nature of the business and in accordance with the company policies
  • Maintaining business documents for reference purposes
  • Developing business presentations and delivering them in management meetings
  • Analyzing the root cause of problems in business and finding effective solutions
  • Coordinating and attending team meetings and collecting feedback from team members
  • Managing daily business operations and performing the role of business managers in their absence
  • Evaluating and implementing necessary changes as required in business processes
  • Preparing and managing calendars of business managers
  • Assisting the sales and marketing team in promoting company's products and services
  • Suggesting cost-cutting methods and assisting in budget preparation for entire departments of the company
  • Finding and creating business opportunities for the company and maintain relationship with clients
  • Defining and implementing company policies and controlling costs
  • Resolving customer issues and ensuring customers stick with the company for long
  • Providing support to all the employees in meeting deadlines
  • Ensuring implementation of health, safety, and security rules

Assistant Business Manager Skills

Assistant business managers should have exceptional communication, interpersonal, and managerial skills. They must be a fine multitasker to handle different tasks simultaneously.

Decision-making capacity

Candidates for this managerial position need to be a good thinker to take decisions quickly. They are expected to analyze situations quickly and take bold steps in the best interest of the company. They even have to think about the consequences of the approaches being practiced to overcome certain types of problems.

Thorough Knowledge

You must be familiar with the entire business processes of the company and have a good understanding of the industry, market, and the ability to capitalize on growth opportunities. Being knowledgeable about what's going on and what needs to done will help you in ensuring smooth operations. Most importantly, you must have the knack of representing the company in a professional manner.

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