Mother's Day Specials

Virtual Cooking Classes

Our first virtual cooking classes were a hit! We had so much fun and we cannot wait to cook together again. We just posted the virtual classes for this week. Check them out and let’s cook together.

Do you want to do your private virtual cooking classes? Give us a call and we will be happy to organize that with you!

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Mother's Day Catering Specials

Take the stress of cooking off your mom’s shoulders and let us prepare something special for her and the rest of the family.

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Does your mom like to cook?

Why don’t you give her a pasta machine with some 00 Flour and the recipe to make fresh pasta? You will also receive a link to watch a video tutorial of fresh pasta making!Don’t wait any longer. Start making fresh pasta together!

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Do you really want to make your mom happy?

Take the stress of cooking off her shoulders for the entire week! We will cook 7 meals for the family (4 people).

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Ingredients Box

What’s better than cooking together with your family without the stress of preparing all the ingredients? Call us and tell us what you want to cook. We then prepare the ingredients for you to pick up together with the recipe and a video tutorial for you to watch at home while you cook with your family!

Many of you tried this already and you loved! It’s beautiful to see that you are creating new memories in the kitchen as we were doing at Healthy Italia’s kitchen.

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