Carving Knife Cm. 23 (9.1″) - Valgobbia

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Blade Size: Cm. 23 (9.1″)

Use: Cook's Knife

Handle: Hostaform

Line of knives made in total profile using special alloy of steel composed by Carbon, Vanadium, Molybdenum and Chrome that gives them great hardness, long life of cutting edge and a high degree of corrosion resistance.

Heat treatment in vacuum furnaces and subsequent working step by CNC machines exalt and increase the performance of this steel.

Thanks to its technical and aesthetics requirements the knives of 3000 Line are excellent to be used both inside and outside of the kitchen before an audience.

Individually packaging in boxes with possibility of hanging and see inside each pieces give the right value to a higher quality knife.

All Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted. If guest prefer to wear a mask, it will be at their discretion.
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Carving Knife Cm. 23 (9.1″) - Valgobbia
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