Natura è Bontà

Fig Jam


Ingredients: Figs, sugar and lemon juice.

Weight: gr. 320 – 11.30 oz.

It is exceptional the pairing on freshly baked bread, with fresh butter.
It is also a rich and healthy breakfast or fine snack!

If you want to taste it with cheeses, it is perfect with aged and blue cheeses


Natura é Bontà is a generation farm company devoted to the cultivation of the earth and eager to create a line of products that combine goodness with authenticity.
The production is completely artisanal and with exclusive use of fresh fruit and vegetables of our own cultivation, without the use of chemical additives or preservatives.
Thanks to old family recipes, carefully selected fruits, vegetables and quality ingredients along with hand-made production, we are able to offer a genuine, high-quality and natural selection of jams, marmalades, sauces, pickles and many other products.
Natura é B ontà jams and marmalades, are suitable for many uses and at any hour of the day. You can taste them alone, spread on slices of bread or on a toasted slice for your breakfast, or used for filling pies, tarts, biscuits and much more. They are perfect also with cheese ! Natura é Bontà is a guarantee of genuine homemade products.

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