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Ingredients: Arborio rice

Weight: gr. 1000 – 35.28 oz.

It is the best known and most common variety for risotto.
Appearance: It has large and long grains, 3-4 mm. long even more than 7 mm; round in shape, with flat sides and well accentuated tooth.
The color is whitish for the presence of an extended central pearling that occupies almost the entire grain. Absence of the strip.
Cooking: When cooking this type of rise, it releases a lot of starch. It absorbs the flavors, but quickly overcook, the texture is therefore not “al dente”. It is suitable for land creamy risottos and soups.
Use: for creamy risotto of land; also valid for soups and pies.


It is considered the founder of the prestigious riso, or rather, from risotto. It was founded in 1937 by crossing between the Vialone and Nano, named for the reduced plant height. Belongs, unlike Carnaroli, Arborio, Baldo (all superfini), to the category of semifini. Among the best varieties is the most versatile and is therefore a rice that is suited to be used by the most demanding gourmets.

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Arborio - Zacchè
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