Antico Pastificio Italiano

Bruschetta Mediterranea - API


Ingredients: olives, olive oil, zucchini, peppers, eggplant, capers, onions, vinegar, salt, pepper.

Weight: gr.180 – 6.34 oz.

Bruschetta sauces are made with fresh vegetables, nuts, fish and fantasy.
Basic ingredients for preparing bruschettas, sandwiches, canapés, coated in bread rolls and slices of homemade bread toasted. Also excellent for stuffing crostini and delicious sauce pasta and rice salads.

The aim of Antico Pastificio Italiano is to maintain two main objectives: to produce and promote local products of Italy while respecting the centuries-old tradition and the high quality of products, which is why all products are processed from fresh and in a traditional way, with no added colors or preservatives.

Antico Pastificio Italiano has its own land in Apulia region for the plantation of vegetables to produce oils, pickled, sauces and creams stored only in extra virgin olive oil of its own production.


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