Classic Giandujotti - Camillo


Ingredients: hazelnuts, cocoa butter, sugar, cocoa mass, whole milk powder, emulsifier: soya lecithin, natural vanilla flavor.

Weight: gr. 250 – 8.82 oz

Craftsmanship, excellent raw materials, ancient traditions and experimentation.
Our chocolate is recurring magic since its birth.
Camillo has chosen to enhance the precious South American cocoa plantations .
Camillo has created a peculiar Praline, characterized by the prickly aroma of the Mint, obtaining a mix of unforgettable flavors. The Piedmont IGP Hazelnut is unique in the confectionery tradition and by time the most beloved for the delicacy of its flavor and for its unmistakable aroma.

Giandujotto an exclusive product for smoothness, softness and unmistakable taste. To best preserve all its creaminess Giandujotto is wrapped in special lightweight sheets of gilded aluminum .
Almost 150 years after its creation, the Giandujotto is known and appreciated worldwide for its authenticity and for its full flavor and velvety, as well as to be a Made in Italy product unique, true confectionery excellence of our country

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