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Melamine Multi-use Containers Totem


Dimenion: 11 Inc Diam. 13 Inc High

TOTEM is an innovative project, developed through a new process, created following participation in the PRIME CUP selective competition established by the Triennale di Milano and the Lombardy Region in collaboration with Design Innovation.

Exhibited at the Triennale Design Museum with the Prime Cup 01 on display (Electa Catalogue).

TOTEM is a mysterious object that at first glance does not reveal its function. The analysis of new types and uses associated with the table has enabled the development of the idea of having a family of containers intended for multiple uses, that are versatile and which may be used both to contain and carry food to the table for a meal.
TOTEM is a family of six multi-purpose, useful and ornamental containers. Once stacked, the containers become a unique and compact object with a soft shape that turns into a decorative centrepiece and can also be placed in all areas of the house (kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom etc..).
TOTEM is also a versatile product. The practicality and beauty of such a unique and captivating object that can be built up and taken down quickly makes it suitable for any environment:  home, office, contract, SPA - Wellness Centres.
The containers are made of thermosetting material, certified for contact with foodstuffs and are dishwasher safe. They are available in six different shades: from dark grey for the larger element to pure white for the smallest.
The colour helps stack the elements in an intuitive way: the darkest element is positioned at the bottom, the lightest at the top.  The sloping cut lines are reminiscent of the markings found on a pebble from a river.

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