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Ingredients: 100% Melata honey.

Weight: gr. 250 – 8.82 oz.

One of its special features is the fact of not being produced by bees from flowers, but by a substance, the honeydew precisely, produced by other insects.
The honeydew honey remains liquid for a long time, is very sticky and rarely crystallizes completely.
Color: has a color from dark amber to almost black, sometimes with greenish shades. Smell and taste is of medium intensity, and the taste is slightly sweet and persistent.
Use: It is a table honey, but also it can be combined with both fresh and aged cheeses (parmesan), and good to accompany long cooking
Properties:This honey does not crystallize as other varieties and is very rich in nutrients.


The honey used for thousands of years, was considered the ‘Food of the Gods’, because it brought the body wellness and health. It ‘s a natural and energetic sweetener, composed for the 85-95% fructose and glucose, contains minerals traces, vitamins, enzymes and antibiotic substances.
La Cremeria del Lago produces also a smaller extent of honey of high quality in Piedmont region.

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Melata Honey
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