Org. Olio

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Ingredients: 100% Extra virgin olive oil.

Weight: 500 ml. – 16.90 Fl. oz.

Oil characteristics: Org. Olio has an intense golden yellow color with a green shimmer, and a very fruity aroma. To the palate you can appreciate vegetal notes of artichoke, lettuce and almond, with a well balanced and harmonized spicy aftertaste.

Use: with salads, bruschetta, fish and meat preparations.

Ardito Felice Org. Olio is a property stretching in the countryside of Apulia region.
The estate, located in a beautiful location, boasts the presence of nearly 10,000 olive trees Coratina.
Ardito Felice has had a great deal of experience in the field of olive growing, in fact the family is dealing with at least four generations.
From the studies it was found that the cultivars Coratina has some extraordinary properties including the highest content of polyphenols.

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