Pear & Chocolate Panettone


IngredientsSoft wheat flour type "00", raisins 14%, sugar, butter, fresh candied pear peel 17%, yolk of fresh eggs category A, natural yeast, mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, fresh candied diamond cedar 1%, inverted sugar, powder milk, salt, vanilla bourdon bean in powder, natural aromas

Weight: gr. 1000 – 35.27 oz

Its origin is in Lombardy, even Milan

It is the Italian sweet best known abroad. It represents Italian traditional food culture for festivities. Camillo produces its Panettoni with high quality natural ingredients.
The preparation of a Camillo Panettone lasts 3 days, with different phases of dough and leavening. Many steps are characterized by a manual intervention. After baking, Panettoni are left to cool upside down for about twelve hours.

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