Professional Tomato Knife 4.7"

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Blade Size: Inc. 4.7

Handle: Paperstone®


4.7" tomato knife in high quality stainless steel handcrafted in Italy. The special serrated blade allows you to engrave the skin of the tomato without damaging the pulp, while the particularly sharp teeth offer a clean and precise cut even of the most ripe tomatoes. Another distinctive feature is the TITAN-ECOSHIELD coating of the blade, which confers greater resistance of the cutting edge, surface hardness, corrosion resistance, hypoallergenicity and smoothness during use. With a short length and an elegant ergonomic handle in Paperstone® made of 100% recycled material, this knife is ideal for slicing even small / medium-sized bread accurately and without smudging. 



 The set will come in a elegant gift box.

Use and maintenance

As can be seen from the name, it is a knife used mainly for cutting tomatoes. Thanks to the sharp tip of the serrated part, it cuts the skin (whether it is hard in the case of an unripe tomato or soft in the case of a ripe tomato) without ever crushing it, obtaining a clean and precise cut thanks to the internal cutting part of the serrated edge.

We recommend the use of each item exclusively for the purposes for which it was built. Use for other purposes and other types of work can seriously damage the product.

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Professional Tomato Knife 4.7"
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