Set of 4 Narrow Steak Sharp Knives 5" with Paperstone Handle

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Blade Size: Cm. 13 (5″)

Handle: Paperstone®


Set of 4 Narrow Steak Sharp Knives 5" for professional and domestic use in high quality stainless steel. Ideal for precision cuts and slicing, the knife is handcrafted in Italy and equipped with a handle in Paperstone®, an ecological material composed of natural resins, paper and recycled cardboard for durability, hygiene, non-toxicity and ease of cleaning guaranteed over time. The blade is coated with the special TITAN-ECOSHIELD protective layer, a feature that gives the cutting edge greater resistance, surface hardness, corrosion resistance, hypo allergenicity and smoothness during use. NSF certified item.



 The set will come in a elegant gift box.

Use and maintenance

The sharp steak knife, thanks to the narrow yet long handle, ensures excellent handling, ensuring your hand stays away from the plate.

The unique shape of the extra-sharp blade ensures the clear and clean cutting of even medium sized meat without ever tearing the food.

We recommend the use of each item exclusively for the purposes for which it was built. Use for other purposes and other types of work can seriously damage the product.

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Set of 4 Narrow Steak Sharp Knives 5" with Paperstone Handle
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