Soft Nougat Orange


Ingredients: sugar, honey, orange peel 21%, glucose syrup, egg white, potato starch, wafer.

Weight: gr. 80 - 2.82 oz

Camillo Nougats created for excellence .
The timing of the preparation of nougat change according to the seasons and the characteristics of the raw materials.
Everything happens again as before, in a water bath with a manual working, slow and long cooking for 7 hours and waiting patiently under the watchful eye of our experienced and reliable staff.
We select first quality raw materials, we continue to use the fresh egg white which gives the product great friability and that does not alter the taste of nougat,fragrant Italian honey, refined sugar, pure chocolate with a minimum of 50% cocoa enhances the unique taste of our IGP Piedmont hazelnuts and Sicilian Almonds and Pistachios.

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