Traditional Colomba

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Ingredients: Soft wheat flour type 00, candied orange peel from fresh 22% (fresh orange zest, sucrose, glucose syrup, fructose), sugar, butter, egg yolk of fresh eggs category A, emulsifiers: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, yeast, skimmed milk powder, Bourbon vanilla, salt, natural flavors.

Icing ingredients: 12% sugar, white of fresh eggs category A, hazelnuts 12%, rice flour, rice starch, peanut oil, Bourbon vanilla.

Garnished with 3% granulated sugar.

Weight: 1000 g – 35.27 oz.


Colomba is the traditional Easter Cake in Italy. It was created in Milano around 1930 by Motta, a panettone producer, in order for the company to be able to use the same machinery they were using to make panettone also to produce a special dessert for Easter. This is the reason why it has a dove shape.

Our colomba is made in a small pastry shop in Milano that produces it in the old traditional way. It's a bread cake with candied orange and a delicious almond and hazelnut icing.

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Traditional Colomba
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