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Carla Brady

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Carla grew up spending a lot of time in the kitchen with her family.
Sunday meals were often created at her grandparents home with lots of storytelling, laughter and love. At just three years old she was already shaping the perfect meatball – Grandma wouldn’t have it any other way.

With deep roots in southern Italy most of Carla’s family dishes come from the Campania region.
Cooking was something Carla and her family did not just do on Sunday’s but often as a way to celebrate holidays, special occasions or just a way to spend time together. Some of the most important life memories were created in the kitchen.

Carla remembers a period of time in her life when her Mom decided she needed a break from her high profile career in the garment industry and made the decision to do something bold and unheard of at the time –  she left her job and went to work in a kitchen. Not just any kitchen, she worked for the famous Balducci’s in New York City. She started at the bottom and learned so much about  the food industry, Italian cooking, how to choose the right fresh ingredients, presentation and so much more. It was this  experience that motivated her to open her own catering company in addition to going back to her love of the garment industry and becoming the Vice President of Lacoste.

Carla’s mother’s has since passed but has left  her legacy of  delicious recipes,  memories in the kitchen  and so much more. A few years ago Carla’s path took an unexpected turn which lead her directly to Healthy Italia. This was not an expected career change, as a matter of fact it started off as a temporary way of people helping people and blossomed into a new way of life.

It is almost impossible to not see the parallel in these two stories. Cooking and working in a kitchen, the hub of family and love for both Carla and her Mom came at times in their lives where they needed it most. Carla loves talking with customers. One of her favorite things is helping them to create memorable events and life celebrations. She loves watching strangers meet and become friends in classes and when neighbors stop into the market just to say “Hi” and enjoy an espresso.

For Carla this is what Healthy Italia is all about. Creating love, memories and experiences… in the kitchen.

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