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A New Jersey Native and daughter of Italian immigrants, Marsia has always felt connected to her Italian roots. Marisa’s passion for cooking developed at a young age. Some of her favorite childhood memories were spent in the kitchen with her mother, who taught her family traditions, told stories of her childhood in Italy and showed Marisa the basics of Italian cooking.

Marisa is a big proponent of locally grown organic food and is equally devoted to creating delicious meals, as she is to using ethically sourced, natural ingredients. At home, Marisa loves to incorporate ingredients that she harvests from her garden into the meals she creates, and is always excited to try new recipes and techniques.

Among her friends and family, Marisa is known for her dinner parties. Whether it’s a holiday, or a neighborhood cocktail party, Marisa sees cooking as a way to share her heritage, and bring people together. Above all Marisa loves to cook for her family and nothing makes her happier than sending her children home with copious amounts of food that certainly will not fit in their small New York City refrigerator.

Marisa started at Healthy Italia in February of 2019. She is thrilled to be a part of a team that shares her passion. Marisa loves creating delicious meals with the team, learning new recipes and most importantly meeting all the guests that enter the store and being able to share a meal.

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