Tenute Bruno

Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Fruttato”


Ingredients: 100% Extra virgin olive oil.

Weight: 750 ml. – 25.36 Fl. oz.

Oil characteristics: it has a balanced taste with perceptions of spicy notes of bitter leaf. The scent is intense and fruity characterized by pleasing Mediterranean scents.

Use: ideal to enrich those dishes where the taste of the oil must be distinguished by the flavors of the other ingredients, such as sliced beef, excellent for seasoning garlic bread, fish and vegetables, both raw and grilled. It is still recommended for use in dishes with flavor and texture are moderately marked.

The Estates is located in Apulia region.
The olives, reached the right degree of ripeness, are picked from the trees by hand or by mechanical means; the milling is carried out within 12 hours after harvesting. These devices allow to obtain an extra virgin olive oil with unique organoleptic properties, such as extra virgin olive oil “Armonico” with the typical golden color aroma and balanced taste with a hint of almond, or extra virgin olive oil “Fruttato”, intense aroma with hints of spice and notes of bitter leaf.

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