Summer Camp

With an entire cooking station at their disposal and ingredients and tools provided by us, each child will try their hand at preparing simple Italian dishes from scratch assisted by our staff. We will provide all the necessary information to learn the most important cooking and preparation techniques.  Children will build independence and confidence by building knowledge in the kitchen—helping them to acquire autonomy in knife skills, operating kitchen equipment, and stove safety.

Throughout the course of the week, each child will learn foundational skills that they will apply through hands-on experiences and the building of their very own cookbook that they will take home at the end of the week. Together children will learn not only how to follow recipes, but how to correct common cooking errors and anticipate changes in recipes for dietary restriction or taste preferences. Guided by our staff, children will be introduced to concepts such as time management and multitasking while cooking multiple dishes per class. 

Healthy Italia deeply believes in the zero waste philosophy: at the end of the cooking class each participant will be able to take home the leftover food, and taste it together with their family!


Cooking summer camp at Healthy Italia:

  • Maximum class size is set at 9; each child will have his/her own cooking station and ingredients;
  • The kids will enjoy the food they prepare and bring home leftovers;
  • The kitchen is constantly cleaned and sanitized by our staff;
  • There are three hand-wash sinks available: the kids will be required to wash their hands constantly during the class.

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